Train Installations

Feinstein TrainDr. Feinstein's Train

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Pediatric & Family DentalPediatric & Family Dental Trains

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SiloThe SILO RESTAURANT in Lake Bluff, Illinois on #176 between #41 and #43 attracts over 300,000 diners a year. Model trains running overhead offer a unique advertising opportunity. Many companies have participated in sponsoring a train car to develop brand awareness--it's a low-cost highly effective way to reach out and become better known.

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Deerfield Tire

DEERFIELD AUTO and TIRE CLINIC located in Deerfield, Illinois on Waukegan Road just South of Deerfield Rd. has model trains with bells and whistles and lights--the owner had an incomplete system--we supplied parts and counseling to finish the installation to the delight of all the customers.

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Anton's Fruit Ranch

ANTONS FRUIT and GARDEN CENTER in Highland Park, Illinois on Skokie Highway (#41) and Clavey Rd. has model trains running above the produce section which children adore--be sure to see it.

The WOODLAND ROAD RR Co. is on a 1/2 acre overlooking the ravines in Ravinia, in Highland Park ,Illinois. Built into the forest-10 RR lines run over bridges, rivers, through tunnels with the sounds of trains and people all around. Thousands of people have visited this remarkable installation in the last 10 years.

14th Annual Train Show

Come to the 14th annual outdoor garden RR train show. Over 3000 people have come to see the model trains running throughout the garden/forest in back of the house overlooking the ravine.

Sunday, July 12 - 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.

281 Woodland Rd.
Highland Park, IL, 60035

Free Lemonade & Cookies too!


The Train Guy

Don Miller

281 Woodland Rd.
Highland Park, IL, 60035
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