The Train Guy

You can have model trains in your home, your garden, your business location.

The Train Guy and his crew installs model trains suspended from ceilings, in basements, family rooms, outdoors in gardens (at various heights), at shopping centers, dental offices, pediatric wings of hospitals, at tire stores, car washes, restaurants, bowling alleys....wherever families and children gather...all mesmerized by the pleasures of nostalgia and fond memories of train travel. Reach us and in 6 weeks or so you can hear the sounds, see the lights, see the movement of scores of trains running at your will. We'll be happy to stop at your place and design a system-with no obligation".

Place an ad with THE TRAIN GUY.

Are you looking for a new cost effective way to advertise your brand? Consider having your ad on a train car. By advertising with The Train Guy you help support the Boy Scouts of America and keep the trains running. For a modest cost, you, or someone you know can benefit by sponsoring a train car. Many advertisers have joined the fun.

Family-friendly restaurant installations--one in each community--is the TRAIN GUY'S business. Our crew installs model train systems as entertainment and a novel way for business and institutions to advertise. The venues shown here are Deerfield Auto and Tire Clinic, Antons Fruit Ranch and Garden Center in Highland Park and The Silo Restaurant in Lake Bluff.

Be an ad sponsor on the boxcars of the Silo Restaurant in Lake Bluff. Currently The Train Guy has train cars available for advertising at the Silo restaurant. Please call to get your train car rolling.


The Train Guy

Don Miller

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